Monday, June 28, 2010

When life throws you a curve ball ...

... you eat ice cream!!!

Last night, Jack and I attended our first Moms of Children with Down Syndrome meeting with the DSNGG at Ben and Jerry's. It was really, really nice and comfortable to be around other moms of children with DS. Two other moms brought their babies, too, so it was of course more fun with them there! We got to know each other and shared stories as we passed around babies (Jack was a hit!).

Although our life has been thrown a little curve ball, I feel so fortunate to have these types of resources available even this early on in the game. Several of the moms were very, very open with their feelings and emotions, including the difficulty that sometimes accompanies getting used to the idea of having a child with special needs. It was so nice to have all my feelings validated and to know that I have so many new supportive friends!


  1. What a wonderful support group you will have there - these women will no doubt become your lifelong friends. When are y'all leaving for your 2nd OBX trip? - he really is going to be a beach bum! :)

  2. Korey I'm amazed and inspired by you and Robert. I can't think of two better parents.

  3. Dear Korey Robert & Baby Jack,
    I visit your blog regularly as these pictures of "our little man" are breath taking. Please keep the stories coming as well as the pictures. We are so far away and it makes us feel closer to you all. Have a wonderful time on your first 4th of July. See you at the end of the end of the month. Love, Aunt Nancy