Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to Work

So, I officially survived my first week back at work! Whew! Well, I guess I can't qualify it as my first week back, as I only technically worked two days (but twelve hour shifts, nonetheless)! I had a meeting for four hours that I had to attend on Tuesday, and then I worked 7am to 7pm on Wednesday and again on Friday. To help ease my transition back to work the first week, my mom ("Ci Ci" to those of you who are lucky enough to call her your grandmother) offered to take care of Jack for us for a couple weeks on days that I work. Let me tell you ... there is NO way I would've made it through this past week without her! As if going back to work (and actually having to use my brain power for the first time in three months) wasn't going to be hard enough, I couldn't have imagined having to do so knowing that Jack was in the care of strangers in daycare. Honestly, if he had gone to daycare, I would have been doing my patients a disservice because I would have been thinking about Jack all day (not that I didn't anyways)!

I managed to get through my shift by talking about Jack, answering questions about Jack, showing colleagues pictures of Jack ... and, oh yeah, I took care of a couple people too! (Geez, I hope none of my patients ever read this!) It was nice to know that, despite my fears of having "mommy brain," being a nurse was like riding a bike. And, as nice as it was to find that I've still "got it," I definitely enjoy being a mom more than being a nurse!

For my patients' sake, I hope that it will become easier to concentrate at work and focus on their needs, rather than staring at my baby's photo and calling my mom to check on him every other hour. That being said, going back to work has certainly made those three weekdays I get to spend with Jack all that more precious. And, although I dread leaving Jack and groan when my alarm clock goes off at 5:45am on mornings I work, I know that it is a good thing for my sanity to talk with adults occasionally (and hey, at least I have a job in this economy!)

So, here's to Ci Ci for saving me from heartbreak this last week. Here's to my still having enough brain cells to be a nurse (but I don't think you'd want me as your nurse until I'm a little more "focused"). Here's to the wonderful staff at Moses Cone Hospital's Children's Corner ... if they ever even get to see Jack again. ;) But above all, here's to my adorable, smiling, happy, most precious baby boy who I am so proud to call my son!


  1. Oh how I love clicking on Jack Pot and finding you have blogged. I think it is wonderful that Jack gets to stay with Ci Ci not just for him but for her as well. I asked Kelly over the Labor Day weekend maybe we could find sometime for me to meet that precious little boy. Hope you have as good of a second week as the first. Tell Robert I'm looking forward to seeing him at the draft.

  2. The latest pictures of Jack are precious and I can't believe how he has grown in a few weeks. I absolutely love the picture of Robert kissing the top of his head. His cousin Maggie fell in love with him immedaitely just as we all have.I know that being a working mom is exhausting but you worked so hard to get your degree and you are so good at what you do. Korey you can have it all and Jack will love his new little friends at school. I am glad that you have CiCi for the transition and I am so envious of her. See you in the blog soon. Love Aunt Nancy