Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane ...

So, tomorrow around noon Robert and I drop Jack off with my mom because we are heading to New York City ... without him. :(

When Robert's family got tickets to the NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles game and I agreed to go like more than three months ago, this day seemed so very far away. And now, quickly (and deceitfully), it is among us. I just can't believe that Jack is already 6 and a half months old and that I'm leaving him for an entire weekend. I know that we will have fun ... we're staying in Manhattan blocks from Time Square with my awesome friend Mary and her fun husband Jake (thanks, you guys!) on Friday night and then we will head into Connecticut after shopping and siteseeing in the city to spend Saturday night with Robert's aunt and uncle, Kathy and Jeff, before heading to the Meadowlands for the big game on Sunday. It sounds like an amazing weekend, right?!?! The only thing that would make it better is if my little buddy could come along. (But, let's face it ... it's way too cold to be carting a baby around NYC in the middle of December!)

I know that Jack will be absolutely great with his Ci Ci and Grandma ... yep, he's staying one night with my mom and the other with Robert's mom. (We had to split the time so neither could get jealous!!!) I'm not worried about him at all ... I'm worried about me. I told Robert to expect me to be crying (and drinking booze) on the flight to NYC because I'm going to be a mess. (I have already cried like 5 times just thinking about leaving him!)

So, I just wanted to share this HUGE "first" with all Jack's fans out there. It will be a wonderful weekend for Robert and I to get away, but man will I miss my favorite little buddy!

In closing, I will leave you of some cute new photos of "Jackers!" He's doing great and making us laugh with all his smiles and giggles. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and stay warm out there! It's freezing ... everywhere!


  1. i haven't left rachel with anyone yet. i'm not sure how i'll be when that happens....enjoy your trip!!

  2. Thanks for checking out 'Happy Jack.' Your Jack is quite the handsome fella! Happy Holidays and safe travels! Oh and if you have never checked out please do so soon. She write beautifully, takes amazing photos and of course has a T21 blessing as well.