Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Jack!

This past weekend was yet another very memorable weekend with my amazing family. My two sisters were in town with their husbands and three kids each (yes, that makes 7 children under the age of 6!). Needless to say, Thanksgiving was a blast (but tiring), as you can see from the photos below.

Jack chatting with cousin Levi

The "big" kids' table

The adorable seating cards cousin Ford made for everyone

Getting ready for the feast

Yummm ... sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, AND mashed potatoes!

Wow ... somebody looks tired!
So, today marks Jack's 6-month birthday, and it is also my neice Reid's first birthday, which we celebrated with a cupcake party yesterday at Ci Ci's house. It's hard to believe that the babies in our family are growing so fast. It seems like just yesterday that my sister Kelly had her first son Ford and Kasey had her first daughter Meg, and it was just beginning of this whole new generation of little ones. Now, these two are in Kindergarten already, and two of the three youngest are already walking!
For his 6th-month birthday weekend, Jack decided to once again show off for his aunts and cousins. This time he did so by sitting upright (not even propped) for a couple minutes at time ... the best he's ever done. He also pushed all the way up on his hands while on his tummy (not just on his forearms) ... something our PT had been trying to get him to do for weeks. (My sister captured these moments in some great photos, which I'll post as soon as she sends them.) Jack chose to do all of this on Thanksgiving day, and I was so proud that I couldn't hold back the tears. Everytime I watch Jack hit a milestone "on time" or even early, I think of all those people who've said to me, "he'll be delayed," and it just makes me that much prouder to call him my son.
Happy half-year birthday, my dear sweet baby boy! You make me prouder than you'll ever know, and I love you so much!

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  1. Korey, I was so happy to get to see Jack over the holiday. I couldn't believe how big and beautiful he was. You and Robert should be so proud he is amazing.