Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

Last weekend we headed to the NC mountains for a little much needed R & R ... just Robert, Jack, me and our dog Forest. It was such an incredibly relaxing weekend that we contemplated "playing hooky" from work and staying a few extra days, but we didn't (much due to my husband's good morals and not my own, I must say!). We had a view of Grandfather and Sugar Mountains with not another cabin in site, a private hot tub on the deck, and a cozy fireplace ... add some red wine and a big pot of chili to the mix, and we were in pure heaven!

It was a weekend full of firsts for Jack ... first mountain trip, first snow, first Christmas trees, first snow boots, first fireplace fire, and ... first RICE CEREAL!!!

"Oh Christmas Tree ... Oh Christmas Tree!"

Finally there!
The view of Grandfather Mountain from our cabin deck ... unbelievable

Getting ready for his first snow outing

Snuggling with Mommy to keep warm

Daddy and Jack

Not a happy face ... getting a little too cold for Jackie Bear

I love my family!

Our four-legged son Forest ... LOVING it!

Getting ready to go out to breakfast

Look at my cozy new boots!

Out to breakfast at Banner Elk Cafe

Getting ready to eat rice cereal ... for the FIRST time!

Here we go!

He wasn't sure about it at first
But he ended up loving it!

I was a little hesitant about feeding Jack solids for the first time, partly (and selfishly) because I just don't want him to grow up so fast and partly because I wanted to make sure he was really ready for it. But I knew he was definitely ready when he started seeming more interested in our food when Robert and I ate around him. He now watches us take the food from our plates to our mouths and sometimes even licks his lips. He'll also get a little fussy as if he's mad he can't eat what the "big people' are eating. So, we decided to give it a try!

The first rice cereal feeding went a lot better than I thought it would. It was certainly messy, but not like some of the stories I'd heard from other families. I was a little worried about Jack projecting the food from his mouth due to his tongue thrusting (common in many babies but moreso in those with Down Syndrome). He actually didn't thrust the food out with his tongue at all ... he just spit it out!!! It was really funny, and he really seemed to like the cereal, so I look forward to letting him try some veggies this week. I plan to try to make all my own baby food, so wish me luck!

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