Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Jesus

Jack played the most perfect baby Jesus at our Christmas Eve service. Robert ended up playing Joseph, as no one else offered, which was really cute to watch. Here are some photos from Jack's first theatrical debut. I was such a proud (and emotional) mommy that day!

Sleepy baby Jesus

Baby Jesus with one of his sweet angels, cousin Charlotte

Jack fell fast asleep right when the congregation sang "Sleep in heavenly peace" during "Silent Night" ... just like we rehearsed! ;)

Sweetest baby Jesus ever!

"Away in a Manger"

"No crib for his bed ..."


  1. ohhhhh! I love this! I am tearing up too!

  2. this brought me to tears too! Love it

  3. Just beautiful!
    I've been 'lurking' since the fall when your cousin Jen Knepler (etc) gave me your blog address!
    I'm enjoying watching Jack's successes!