Sunday, January 16, 2011

What happiness looks like

I used to wonder from time to time what it means to be truly happy. Not anymore. Everyday my angel gives me special moments, brief but beautiful glimpses into heaven, profound gifts from God, that remind me again and again what true happiness is ...

Happiness is little ears and a tiny nose ...

It is little eyes and baby toes.

It is a waking child's face ...

In the dancing sunlight

... and naked baby photo shoots
when the moment's just right.

Happiness is bear hugs and sloppy, open-mouth kisses ...

that are worth more than all the world's riches.

It is watching a child discover new things,

Updating his Facebook profile

Baby "Shake Weight"

And all the wonders that this life brings.

Best friends

Happiness is a child's first outing in fresh fallen snow,
"Mommy, can we PA-LEASE go outside and play in the snow?!?!"

(It doesn't take much for Mommy to give in to this little face!)

And watching his face purely joyful and aglow.
Happiness is all of this and more ...
But sometimes it just takes a game of peek-a-boo

To make your heart soar ...

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