Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Big 3-0

Yep, that's right ... I'm turning 30 this Sunday. But, what's important is not that I am turning 30, but how my sweet husband, who is the kindest person in the world, has chosen to celebrate it.

Months ago, Robert got in touch with my boss at work and arranged for me to be off for a long weekend so we could go on a surprise trip, just the two of us. We've both been so busy with work and our personal lives that Robert felt we both deserved a little break from all the running around. He made all the arrangements (flights, accomodations, plans for Jack's care while we're gone) without telling me a thing ... for those of you who know Robert well at all know that this was extremely difficult for him. He's not the best surprise-keeper. I'm telling you, the man can hardly contain himself around Christmas time, always giving me my gifts early. :=) He has the kindest heart, that one.

So, a few weeks ago Robert finally let it slip that we were in fact going on a trip for my birthday, but that he was going to keep the destination a surprise. My sweet mother-in-law, Mary, who will be taking care of Jack while we're gone, wisely counseled Robert on the subject, telling him that he needed to at least tell me that we were going somewhere without Jack, so that I could emotionally prepare myself to leave my baby for 3 nights. (Thanks, Mary! Very wise of you.) It's hard for me to even leave Jack in the mornings on days I just go to work, so this is going to be tough!

Well, after a few more weeks of my guessing where we were going (Is it Wine Country? Is it somewhere in sunny Florida?) and Robert holding his ground by not telling me, a certain someone (whose name will remain anonymous :) accidentally spoiled the surprise at dinner last weekend. It turns out that we're going to ... VEGAS, BABY!!! How fun!!!

So, tomorrow morning (after much packing), Robert and I will be dropping Jack and our dog Forest off at the Hicklings' home and then heading to Charlotte to catch our flight to Las Vegas. The Hicklings will actually be taking Jack to the Outer Banks this weekend to meet up with his aunts and uncles, Chris and Alice and Matt and Kelly. (I have to admit that it feels weird that they'll all be together at the beach with our baby, without us there. I sure will miss my little man, but I know he'll be in great hands, and I'm also happy and thankful to my husband for this much-needed vacation!)

Thanks to my loving and thoughtful husband for planning such a fun trip for my 30th birthday (and for at least trying to keep it all a surprise!). I love you so much, Robert!


  1. wow, have some fun for me! lol!

  2. So funny! You know!

    It is very hard to leave our babies...why is that???