Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucky Charm

So, Robert and I made it home from Vegas safely late on Sunday night. And well, as for the saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," the only thing that I am glad stayed in Vegas was the darn stomach virus I had THE.ENTIRE.TRIP. Yep, that's right. I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my 30th birthday, and all I got was a lousy stomach bug. Not really, though ... I tried my best not to let it get in the way of my fun, and we had ourselves a blast ...

Apparently, the surprises didn't end with a trip to Vegas for the big 3-0 ... nope. It ended up that BOTH my sisters AND their husbands met us out there too to celebrate! My sister Kelly's birthday is the day after mine on the 14th, so we all got to celebrate together. So much fun! And while I missed Jack terribly and despite the stomach flu, we still managed to make it a weekend full of poolside lounging, fruity concoctions, delicious food, interesting people-watching, a tiny bit of gambling (and subsequent money losing), a nice hour long massage, some humorous entertainment, a little sightseeing, and a WHOLE LOT of laughter and wonderful memories! Thank you to my wonderful sisters, their husbands, and my dear sweet Robert for making my 30th birthday so much fun and one I'll never, ever forget.

While turning in "early" one night due to my ailment (well, it was 10pm, not early in my book, but definitely early in "Vegas time"), I found myself thinking (self-pitying): This is just my luck. I thought, Why does this have to happen while I'm on vacation trying to have fun? And, while I lay on the hotel bed by myself while (it felt like) the rest of the world was having a great time downstairs in the casinos, I began to miss Jack so very much more. If I couldn't physically enjoy Vegas, then I at least wanted my baby. Soon enough though, I decided to put my big girl pants on and stop wallowing in pity. I quickly realized that it was probably good that I wasn't around Jack during my bug so that he wouldn't get it, and I felt lucky for that. I also felt lucky to have a family so caring and loving that they would go out of their way to plan such a spectacular surprise for my birthday. And, when we got home on Sunday, I felt so lucky to have a sweet, smiling baby boy to come home to and a warm, comfortable home to lay my head at night. I felt lucky to not have to work on Monday and to be able to spend all day with my baby boy. While I didn't have much luck in Vegas, I sure do have all the luck I could possibly ever want right here at home. It felt good to be back home, back to normalcy, back to my old (healthy) self again, and back to my little 20-pound ...

Jack, you're my lucky charm .... my "Jack Pot" of gold, my rabbit's foot,
my four leaf clover ...

... and, without you, I feel sick (literally :) Love, Mommy
Happy St. Patty's Day to all my fans out there,
and Happy Birthday to BOTH my Aunt Kelly's!!!
(Yep, I'm so LUCKY that I got two!)

Love, Jack


  1. he's getting that mop top hair like cute! :)

  2. HAPPY 30TH!! I hate that you had a bug but it sounds like you had a great time anyway. I love the St. Patty pic, too cute!