Friday, December 16, 2011

Long time coming ...

It's been a while folks, and for that, I'm sorry.  I wish I had a better excuse other than October "31 for 21" bloggy exhaustion, holiday shopping, party-going and decorating, and plain old toddler antics, but I just don't.

The truth is ... I probably have had more time to blog lately, especially since I've been working a lot less at my nursing job lately but when there's time to fill, I seem to find something to fill it with!

But, enough about me ... onto the main attraction!  Our little Jack man is a typical, crazy toddler these days.  He fell down the stairs the other day.  We're not sure how many, because he was too darn fast for either of us to witness it.  (Yes, BOTH Robert and I were home, and we still managed to lose track of our little rascal!)  He cried a bit and definitely has a bruise on one of his knees (this breaks Momma's heart), but he's okay.  He has certainly mastered the stairs these days, which makes life a lot more interesting, to say the least.  And that's not all ...

When he's not climbing the stairs, he's splashing in the toilet bowl (necessitating a day time bath, much to Mommy's chagrin).  And, if he's not splashing in the toilet, he's digging in the dirt of the indoor plant.  Then, when he's done digging in the dirt, he splashes in the dog's bowl, which then progresses his filth from dirty to straight-up muddy, thus necessitating yet another otherwise unnecessary day time bath. 

I'm pretty sure our poor dog Forest is probably suffering from dehydration given that his water bowl now mainly resides on the very out-of-reach (for both toddler and canine) kitchen counter.  Sorry, buddy ... we do still love you.  We promise.  Maybe one day we'll take you on a walk again.

All this said, life is grand at the old Hickling home.  Despite all his sneaky mischief, Jack still manages to win me over day in and day out with his perfect smile, his infectious giggles and his most genuine snuggles.  There's just something about that extra chromosome, folks.

It doesn't get much better than waking up to this ...

Did I mention that this crazy little rambunctious toddler (I mean, angel) picked up baby Jesus from his Little People Nativity set the other day, and signed "sleep"?!?!?   (Insert tear drop here.)

Life is good, my friends ... busy, but oh, so good. 


  1. I love reading stories about precious Jack!

  2. our poor dogs are in the same boat!

  3. He is so darn CUTE! I hope that we can meet someday and get our kiddos together. :)