Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 for 21: DAY 14 :: Beyond Ds

I just spent the majority of my day wondering how I got so lucky to be married to the man to whom I am married and to have the son that I have.  Being that I had such a wonderful time hanging out with my "main men" today, I hope you can understand why I don't really feel much like talking much about Down syndrome. 

The reason why is that Down syndrome does not dictate our life.  It influences it a bit, but by no means does it define our family.  We wake up and go about our days just like anyone else does.  The greatest difference between our life and most others' is that when they go to lunch or play dates, we're most likely headed to a therapy appointment. 
Big whoop! 

We definitely still have plenty of time for A LOT of fun


Down Syndrome Fact of the Day #14:

While individuals with Down syndrome need additional assistance to achieve many of the same milestones as typically-developing people, they are capable of reaching extraordinary goals and living very full and happy lives.

REALLY full and REALLY happy ...

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