Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 for 21: DAY 27 :: PARTAY Time!!!

Given that we celebrated both the Buddy Walk and Jack's littlest cousin Brooklyn's first birthday today, we are all pretty exhausted around here.  While I promise to have more energy and share more tomorrow, I will take the time to tell you that it was a WONDERFUL day full of celebration for a beautiful cause.  It was definitely the best turnout we have ever had at the Greensboro Buddy Walk, and we couldn't be prouder.
  We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for coming out to support Jack and others with Down syndrome in our community.  We also thank all the people who made the Buddy Walk possible again this year, including sponsors, vendors, volunteers, family and friends.  You could really feel the love today.  After three years of doing this, it may have been my most emotional Buddy Walk yet, simply because of all the people who made an effort to be there to celebrate our kids.  I just cannot explain my gratitude.  We appreciate all the support we have gotten over the past two and a half years since Jack has been born, and we look forward to many more years of watching Jack blossom together. 
We got to top off our day with a great 1st birthday party for my sweet niece Brooklyn and quality family time. 
What a wonderful day it was in so many ways.
After I am a little better rested, I promise to share some great photos from BOTH the Buddy Walk and sweet Brooklyn's party, but for now, I must be with my family ... and rest.  :)
I will, however, leave you with this ...
Down Syndrome Fact of the Day #27:
Kids with Down syndrome (and their amazing families) sure know how to have a GREAT time!!!  :))))
We love you, and we're so glad we got to celebrate with you today in more ways than one!  We are one LUCKY family!!!

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  1. We love you too, Aunt Korey...and think you're pretty amazing!!