Monday, October 15, 2012

31 for 21: DAY 15 :: Extra Chromosome Love

We often get comments like, "Jack doesn't really look like he has Down's" or "his Down's is really mild, right?!?!"  While I understand what you are trying to say (that my kid is adorable and appears to be high functioning ;), it can be a little irritating to hear these things. 

Let me clarify a little ...

Down Syndrome Fact of the Day #15:

Someone with Down syndrome HAS Down syndrome in every cell of their body.  They CANNOT only have a "little bit of Downs".  

Furthermore, it's okay if Jack looks like he has Down syndrome, because {*NEWSFLASH*} ... he DOES have Down syndrome!  So, therefore it's actually not a compliment when somebody tells me that Jack doesn't really look "that Downs".  In fact, it's actually a bit rude. 

Are you saying that Jack would be cuter if he didn't have Down syndrome? 
Are you implying that he would be less valued if he looked more like he had Down syndrome?
That's like saying that someone's gray hair doesn't make them look that old, or that someone is not that fat. 
So, you can see why it hurts our feelings a bit. 

   Jack has an extra chromosome, and although it does not define him,
it is a part of who he is. 
And, we LOVE every bit of it!

Spreading the extra chromosome love!

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