Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 for 21: DAY 18 :: Valuable

One of the misconceptions about Down syndrome that particularly frustrates me is the idea that adults with Down syndrome are not able to hold jobs and be contributing members of society.  This is just not so.

Down Syndrome Fact of the Day #18:

People with Down syndrome ARE employable.

In fact, many businesses actively seek young adults with Down Syndrome for a variety of positions.  They are being employed in small and medium sized offices, by banks, corporations, nursing homes, hotels, and restaurants.  They work in the music and entertainment industry, in clerical positions, and in the computer industry.  People with Down Syndrome are very valuable employees, as they bring to their jobs enthusiasm, reliability, and dedication.

Among our biggest aspirations for Jack's future is for him to be able to hold a job, if he decides that he wants to do so.  Now, we realize that Jack won't become a doctor or a lawyer, like many parents dream for their children.  But, who cares?!?!?  They work too long of hours anyhow.  (And besides, I know TONS of people without Down syndrome who could also never be doctors or lawyers!!!)

Jack will be whatever he chooses to be, and he will be GREAT at it. 
And ... he will SMILE the whole time he does it!

I mean, who wouldn't want to hire this guy?!?!?

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