Friday, October 19, 2012

31 for 21: DAY 19 :: Independence

When we learned of Jack's diagnosis of Down syndrome, I must admit that one of the thoughts that ran through my head was, "Does this mean that he is going to live with us FOREVER?!?!?"  It certainly could mean this, but it might not.

Down Syndrome Fact of the Day #19:

Not all people with Down Syndrome will live at home forever.

In fact, a large percentage of adults with Down syndrome live independently or semi-independently in assisted living facilities and group homes.  Moreover, many adults with Down syndrome often hold jobs and have romantic relationships, including marriage.

Truth be told ... I would be just FINE if Jack wanted to live with us forever.  :)  As I watch him grow, the thought of him ever leaving home actually really saddens me. 

I want Jack to be able to make the decision himself about where he wants to live when he gets older.  If he wants to live on his own, with roommates, or in a group setting, we will do everything in our power to make that happen.  We want to help Jack achieve the most independence possible, as long as that is what he wants.  But at the same time, if Jack decides to stay home with us as an adult, I will certainly enjoy his cheerful company!!!

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