Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Fall Playdate

We had our second playdate today with our "Extra Special Play Group" at Maggie and Rachel's house. It was our Fall playdate, although the weather hardly felt like it (it's in the 80's here in Greensboro today). It was so great to see everyone again and catch up! We really ought to do this more often. It gives us moms a chance to talk about parenting topics that some of our other friends might not understand, like oral motor skills and physical therapy. It was the same group of babies again today as last time, which included Jack (4.5 months), Rachel (1 year), Carter (almost 6 months) and Tierney (9 months). Jack's awesome boom box was a hit with all the kids ... naturally.

Jack and Carter jamming to some tunes

Jack to Carter: "You like Led Zeppelin too?!?!"

Good job, Tierney!

Rachel, somebody looks tired!

And, I'm spent!
Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon everyone!

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  1. They have got to be some of the cutest kids ever! Thanks for sharing the pics of Jack and his friends!