Friday, October 29, 2010

"Jack" of all trades

Such a sweet face

Working out with Daddy

Such a hard worker

Ci Ci's dog Brinkley cheering Jack on

Mommy, it's a little early in the morning for therapy ... don't ya think?

being Jack

Trying so hard!

Happy little pumpkin

Sitting up like a big boy on the couch

Uh oh! Going ...

Going ...


Oh well! I'll just roll over!

In the past month, Jack has really blossomed socially and physically. He has always been a really social baby, following people with his eyes when he was as young as 3 weeks old and smiling at only 5 or 6 weeks. Now though, Jack just smiles and giggles at everything ... you don't even really have to try! It's too cute!

Since starting weekly PT, our baby has become a "Jack" of all trades! He's rolling over now, more from back to front than front to back (which is weird because he rolled from front to back first). Every morning now after putting him to sleep on his back, we find him either on his side or belly in his crib. Such a big boy! We've also been working on his core strength with hopes of him sitting soon. Our PT showed us several activities to do with him to strengthen his core (some are shown in photos above), and his core already seems very strong, especially for a child with low muscle tone, she says. Our PT also compliments Jack's straight posture while in the supported sitting position and his ability to already pivot towards a toy while on his belly, which is apparently more like a 6 month skill. Go buddy! Keep it up!

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