Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is Precious

Today was probably the most emotionally taxing day I have ever had at work since I have become a nurse. I will not get into details due to patient privacy, but I will share two realities that have been strongly confirmed for me today: (a) nurses do not get paid nearly enough; and (b) life is so incredibly precious. I literally have people's lives in my hands while I'm at work as an Surgical/Trauma ICU nurse, but parts of today were simply too difficult to put into words.

What I cannot put into words, however, someone else has in the following poem. It really illustrates how today has made me appreciate my blessings more than ever.

Life is so precious
And each day is a gift.
So enjoy every minute,
As it were your last to live.

Cherish your loved ones,
Hold them tight,
Share with them your heart
And your time.

Nothing is forever,
And life goes so fast,
Each minute that passes
Is one you can't get back.

When troubles arrive,
And knock you off your feet,
Stand up and smile,
And remember life is too sweet.

Every morning when you wake,
Decide right from the start,
That "today will be a good day"
And let it all in with an open heart.
-by Laura Strickland

After this extremely long and difficult day at work, I could not wait to just hold my sweet Jack tightly in my arms. I love our bedtime routine of bathtime, a little playtime, a bottle and a couple of bedtime stories, and tonight I particularly didn't want it all to end. As much as I love knowing that he is sleeping comfortably and soundly in his crib, tonight was one of those nights that his bedtime came too soon. After Jack fell fast asleep, I found myself wishing for a just one more hour of our giggling together.

Thank you for reading and goodnight. And may you wake in the morning with an open heart, knowing that "life is precious and each day is a gift."

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  1. This just made me cry! What a wonderful mother you are! With an even bigger heart for being a nurse too!