Monday, October 4, 2010

Physical Therapy is fun!

Jack had his first Physical Therapy appointment at Moses Cone Outpatient Rehab this morning with Carrie and her PT student Sophia (purely at my request ... the kid hardly needs it!). It went reallly well, and Carrie did not feel that Jack's head tilt was a big deal at all. She actually said that it was kind of a typical thing for babies his age and that'd he simply grow out of it ... great news! She also evaluated him for PT using a different assessment tool than the CDSA used a few weeks ago, and it showed that he was developing at about a 4 month-old level, which was also great to hear. After talking to her for a while about how much I've worked with Jack to help him meet his milestones, she agreed that therapy would be a great way to keep him going at this wonderful pace. We also found out that as Moses Cone employees and with our Moses Cone insurance, we can have unlimited therapy sessions at MC Outpatient Rehab ... man, it's great to be in the biz! So, even though Carrie felt that Jack would excel with therapy only every other week or even once per month, we decided why not do it weekly, if it will all end up costing the same in the end? I appreciate that she wants to be as proactive with Jack as I do, and we figure there's no such thing as too much therapy. It's mainly just like playtime for him anyways, and they have all kinds of great toys there! So, we look forward to having these new wonderful people in our lives to help our baby boy become the best he can be!

A little side note ... Jack visited his Pops and Grandma tonight while we visited a family friend in the hospital for about an hour. Of course in typical grandson fashion, Jack managed to have a blow-out poop for them ... the kind that had been brewing for two full days so it was up to his shoulder blades; the kind that evades the utility of baby wipes and requires an immediate bath in the sink; the kind that only happens when you drop him off "for just a few minutes," without an extra set of clothes; and, in essence, the kind of poop that only happens to doting grandparents!!! Thanks so much, guys ... we love and appreciate you very much!

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