Monday, October 25, 2010

"Jack's Pack" Attacks!

The awesome onesie Aunt Kasey made Jack for his big day!
Thanks so much, Kasey! Miss you!

One of the posters my sister Kelly and I stayed up way too late making the night before.
Thanks SO much for all your help, Kel! Miss you!

Our awesome shirts ... thanks to Ashley Watkins and Genuity Concepts!

Getting excited for the walk!

One of the two "cousin wagons"

"My cousin has more chromosomes than yours!"

Love these (although they took FOREVER to make!)

Uncle Chris and Aunt Alice, thanks so much for coming all the way from DC for my big day!
We love you!

Some of my coworkers from 2300 came to "Back Jack's Pack!"
Thanks so much for your support, guys!

It's tough being a celebrity!

Cousin Ford and cousin Meg's posters for Jack (Meg made hers all by herself!)

Cousin Ford showing his support ... thanks, buddy! We love you!

Meg spreading the Jack love

Jack strolled in style

Jack with his new buddy Carter ... rocking their "designer genes" together

Cousin Reid seemed to enjoy herself!

Cousins Wade, Meg and Charlotte bringing up the rear

Hittin' the Road for Jack

Thanks so much for coming for my big day, Omar! I miss you!

Levi did too much partying with his cousin Jack

The walk is over but the memories will stay in our hearts forever

You guys ROCK!

This weekend was definitely the BEST weekend of my life! I can proudly announce that Jack had more than 65 friends and family members walk in his honor at the Greensboro Buddy Walk this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people walking for a beautiful cause. Having so many people celebrating your child's life is such an amazing feeling that I just simply cannot describe it. I love all of you who came out to show Jack and our family your support. We will never forget your kindness, and we hope to see you at next year's Buddy Walk and many more thereafter!

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