Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"You have a baby ... in a bar!"

Thanks for letting me play, Sarah!

Bouncy, bouncy

Thanks for my ba ba, Amber!

Sleepy Baby Bear

Interesting changing table, Dad!

I love this face ... our little "Snugglesaurus!"

Jack snuggling with Michelle

The great line above from the movie Sweet Home Alabama came to mind when Robert and I took Jack to meet some friends for lunch this past Sunday. Robert and I are very blessed to have a wonderful group of friends here in Greensboro. We get together often to celebrate life's great moments, but we also like to get together regularly for no good reason at all other than to just catch up! One activity that has become a staple in our network of friends is "Sunday Fun Day." Many of our friends like to meet up at The Speakeasy Tavern on Sunday afternoons to have lunch, watch football, and play Baggo. And, now that several of us have babies and now that smoking is no longer permitted in restaurants and bars in the state of NC (thank goodness!), our friends sometimes take their little ones too! Now, I hope we don't come across as bad parents for taking our kid to a bar and grill (it's more like a "family" sports bar by day), but Jack seems to really love it there. (And, besides, it's not like we took him to the bar at 10pm ... we just took him for a quick lunch!)

Jack seemed to love "Sunday Fun Day" as much as we do! We think it's because he loves being around people so much. "Aunt" Amber couldn't get enough of him and even fed him a bottle for us! Also joining us was our friend Michelle Pahl from grad school at UNC, who was passing through town after visiting with friends and family in Winston-Salem. It was wonderful to see Michelle and catch up after not seeing her since I was about 5 months pregnant. We're so glad she finally got to meet Jack! Thanks for coming, Michelle!
Later Sunday, we joined our friends at Sarah and Robert Bain's house for a cookout and to watch the Giants vs. Bears game. They have a little boy, Carson, who is 9 months old. We decided to see if Jack would like Carson's exersaucer, and he LOVED it! Guess we'll be having to get ours out of its box earlier than we expected!

So, Jack had a fun-filled weekend visiting friends and meeting new people. We hope you enjoy the above photos from "Sunday Fun Day!"


  1. I love this post and love the quote too! Jack is growing and changing SO much! He is such a cutie and I love reading about him every day. You are doing a great job with 31 for 21, keep it up! Thanks for all your help this week (and thank Robert again for me too).

  2. I'm so excited to have so many new pictures to look at and stories to read since I last logged on...can this 31 for 21 thing go on for a few months? Miss you all terribly, and so happy to see how wonderfully you all are doing. Can't wait for giraffe halloween pics and to see you in a few short months!!