Monday, October 10, 2011


Well, guess who's cruising all over the place?  That's right ... our little Jackers went from crawling to pulling to stand and cruising in just one month!!!  We couldn't be prouder of our little buddy!

We had a great PT session this morning with Carrie.  She was really impressed with Jack's new moves.  She actually was planning to assign him cruising "homework" today, but Jack left her with no choice but to change her teaching plans!  As his mother, I was of course extremely proud of Jack, but words cannot express how happy it made me to see Carrie so proud of him too!

I worked at the hospital for a few hours today, and so Ci Ci watched Jack for me.  After work, I met her and Jack at her house, where I found him walking behind his little push-toy lion!  He moved slowly and kind of shuffled his feet rather than picking his feet up and planting them down, but he was walking right along while pushing the toy without ANY help!!!

I think walking might be just around the corner for our little buddy ...

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  1. Holy cruising batman!!! So proud of him too! I can't wait to see all of his new moves this weekend! Love you!