Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Running my tail off ...


So, in just 19 days from today, I'm supposed to be running 13.1 miles in the Outer Banks Half Marathon.  On most days, I'm really excited about this because it's something I'm doing just for myself.  But then on other days, I think I must have lost my mind to think I can run that far.  I have no plans to run the race fast by any means; my only goal is simply to FINISH.  Even if I have to walk a little bit, I'll consider it a success.  It's a pretty daunting task, but whenever I feel like giving up, I just think about the obstacles that my Jack will have to face throughout his lifetime, and it makes the challenge a little bit easier for me and a whole lot more inspirational.  A little hill here and there is nothing compared to the mountains of challenges that my little boy could potentially face in his future.

When the Buddy Walk was over, I decided to use the four weeks remaining until the half marathon to beef up on my training.  I wanted to use the extra time to focus more on increasing my distance and improving my pace.  This plan was working and still is (sort of), but now I have managed to get myself a lovely overuse injury called hamstring attachment tendonitis.  It's literally, a pain in my you know what!  I noticed similar pain while I was pregnant, and I passed it off as sciatica.  However, the more I've read about hamstring injuries, I have learned that it is not only a common running injury, but that it can also happen during overstretching during yoga.  I did A LOT of prenatal yoga when I was pregnant, so there's a good chance I caused damage then and that it's just now flaring up again because I'm running a lot more. 

The pain isn't excrutiating by any means; it just a very dull, chronic ache in my right "cheek" (he, he).  I've learned that it is exacerbated with longer distance running (more than 7 miles) and especially while running hills.  I've had to cut back a little on my training this past week, and actually took a 3 day break in a row at one time, which seemed to help (but doesn't help my training plan much).  I've also been alternating heating and icing after runs and doing a lot of yoga techniques because stretching it gives me some relief, but I've had to be careful not to overstretch it.  Today, out of desperation for some relief, I got a hour-long massage, which was definitely relaxing, but unfortunately didn't help my toosh all that much.  So, I then resorted to spending $30 on a foam roller, which is actually just a really thick (expensive), heavy duty pool "noodle."  I am happy to say that the roller has given me a little temporary relief tonight, so we'll see how long it lasts.  I've been told by numerous professionals that hamstring injuries can take a very long time to heal, so I just really hope that I can manage the pain enough to get through the next couple weeks of training and complete the half marathon on November 13th.  I refuse to have worked this hard to get this far in my training to just give up now.  And, plus ... I've got a sweet little boy I want to make proud!!!

I know that this post is a little "off topic" for me and has little to do with advocating for Down syndrome, but if any of my readers out there have any runners' advice on this kind of injury or half marathoning, I'm all ears ...


  1. Hmmm.... I have never had that kind of injury BUT I do know that my foam roller helped a lot when I was having IT band problems. That's probably not helpful at all but I did want to lend some support. I'll cross my fingers for you and hope it helps! GOOD LUCK!

  2. way to go! running is not me at all so i give big credit to those who do it. :)