Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Day of Rest

... for mommy, at least.  I took the day off today and rested my leg/hip.  I ran a double race yesterday morning (a 10K, immediately followed by a 5K) as part of my training.  My leg/hip felt okay while I was running (not great, but okay), and I was able to run the whole race without walking at all.  But I did try to take it easy because of my injury, so my pace was not stellar by any means.  Well, after driving home from the race and all day yesterday and today, I have experienced some pretty severe sciatic hip pain.  It was so bad at times that I was actually having difficulty walking.  It's gotten a little better with Ibuprofen, ice, heat, and lots of rest, but wow ... nerve pain is not fun!  I have an appointment with the Sports Medicine Clinic here on Tuesday to get some advice on what to do until my half marathon in 2 weeks, or as to whether or not I should still try to run it at all.  We'll see.  :(

So, Robert has been in "Super Dad/Husband" mode today, fetching things for me and taking great care of Jackers while it's been difficult for me to get around.  He even bathed the dog, cleaned the kitchen, AND made dinner!  Thanks, honey!

In other (more fun) news ... we had a great visit tonight from Uncle Matt, Aunt Kelly, and sweet baby Brooklyn (she's ONE week old today ... Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!).  We ate some yummy soup and watched football together.  Kelly and Matt are wonderful parents (not surprising), and it's so great to see how natural they are with their baby girl.  And, Brooklyn is such a beautiful little girl, and so very, very sweet!  Of course, I couldn't resist taking some photos of my newest little niece.  I LOVE HER!!!

Sweet baby girl
(Sorry these are a bit grainy ... they were taken with my phone camera.)

Baby Brooklyn with her Uncle Robert
In different baby news ... guess who climbed up the stairs tonight BY HIMSELF?!?!  Yep, our Jackers is on the move more than ever.  Most parents would probably worry about the dangers of this particular type of mobility progression, but our PT Carrie has been encouraging stair-climbing because it will really help Jack's core strength, so we're really proud of our buddy!  Go, Jack!

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