Friday, October 7, 2011

Hotel Fun

This is Jack's first time staying a hotel. It's a nice hotel with great ammenities (except a mini fridge, which means we have to keep Jack's milk and yogurt on ice in a cooler the old fashioned way). I was a little worried about how Jack would adjust to hotel life for a couple days, but I think he's coping just fine ...
 Wouldn't you say?!?!

 He was so proud of himself being able to make us laugh by smooshing his face up against the mesh of the hotel's rental Pack-N-Play.

 Such a goober!

This was all really funny when he was doing it, but now the poor little buddy has a "mesh rash" on his face from all this clowning around!  I hope the rash clears up before the wedding tomorrow, so he'll look extra handsome in his new outfit, especially since the outfit cost more than Mommy's whole wedding ensemble, including her shoes!!!

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