Friday, October 14, 2011

The Final Countdown

It's T-minus 13 and a half hours until the Buddy Walk, and we're busy at work making final touches on tomorrow's festivities!

My sister Kelly, her husband Stan, and her adorable three kids got here from Atlanta tonight for Jack's big day tomorrow. Unfortunately, my other sister Kasey cannot make it, as she is busy studying for her Professional Engineering exam. (Nerd alert! Just kidding! Good luck luck, Kasey! You will be here in spirit, for sure!) It's been great to hang out with my sister's family tonight, and it feels like I haven't seen them in forever, although it was only three months. My niece and nephews seem to grow three times over everytime I see them ... In SWEETNESS!!! I swear, they're the kindest, most amazing kids ... Jack is so very lucky to have cousins like them!!!

Pray for beautiful weather tomorrow for the Buddy Walk!!! We'll try to post some photos tomorrow!

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