Tuesday, October 11, 2011

High Five!

On day 11 of my "31 for 21" mission, I'm going to be super unoriginal, and remind everyone about the Down Syndrome Network of Greater Greensboro's "High Five" campaign!

It's not too late to "High Five" Jack!  The Buddy Walk is only 5 DAYS away, and it's time to show Jack and others with Down Syndrome your support!  If you'd like to donate to the DSNGG, please considering doing so in the forms of "high fives" in Jack's honor.  ($5 equals one "high five," and so $20 equals 4 "high fives" and so on.)  To donate, please visit www.buddywalkgreensboro.org, click on "Donate" and complete your information. When the screen says "Review your donation" CLICK ON "DONATE IN SUPPORT OF" written in small blue letters, listed on the left hand side underneath the words "Down Syndrome Network of Greater Greensboro," and type in "Jack Hickling - HIGH FIVE(s)" before your final click. If you have trouble paying via PayPal, shoot me an email for more information about mailing a check in.

Thanks everyone!!!  See you tomorrow!

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