Saturday, October 22, 2011

Football, Pumpkins, and ... Domestic Negligence

Things I LIKE about October:

1.  The cooler weather.  It's so very nice to run or take family walks outside and not be drenched it sweat for once.
2.  The colorful changing of the leaves.  (This leads, however, to one of my October dislikes, which is the constant leaf-blowing/raking they require ... our yard has a TON of leaves.)
3.  Football season.  I do enjoy it, but it really makes my husband happy, so thereby it makes me happy. :)
4.  Hot beverages.  I am a big fan of iced coffee during hot summer days, but there's just something so comforting about a warm beverage to make your tummy happy on a crisp fall morning.
5.  Fall clothes.  I'm a big fan of layering ... sweaters and cartigans over Tshirts, with jeans or leggings.  Oh, and don't forget boots ... I love some boots! 
6.  Everything PUMPKIN!!!  Pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattees, pumpkin-flavored everything!  YUMMMM!!!
7.  Fall weddings.  We'll be attending our third wedding in 6 weeks this evening.  Aren't fall weddings just so beautiful and ultra-romantic?!?!
8.  The Annual Buddy Walk!  What a wonderful day it was last weekend, filled with beautiful people for a beautiful cause!
9.  Most importantly ... I like October because it's DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH!!!  Although it can be time consuming, I have loved having an excuse this month to escape to my computer everyday during Jack's naps just to blog about how amazingly wonderul he is!  "31 for 21"  is the greatest idea ever!

There really isn't anything I DON'T LIKE about October, except for one thing ...

MY HOUSE IS A WRECK!!!  With all the wedding-related traveling, Buddy Walk planning, and blogging I've been doing, my housework duties have really taken the back burner.  Each day, I tell myself I'm going to get the house picked up but something else always seems to be more important ... giggling with my best buddy Jack, for instance. 
Seriously though, if you ever stopped by our house unannounced, you'd find mail piled up in random places, dishes in the sink, toddler toys ALL OVER THE PLACE, long, black dog hair on everything, and laundry piled up on bookshelves and tables (some piled up and dirty, some clean and folded needing to be put away, and also some clean and piled up, yet to be folded).  Now, some of Jack's therapists might be reading this, thinking ... What is she talking about? Her house always looks pretty tidy. Well, friends ... don't be fooled.  It only appears tidy because I know when you're coming, and so you give me a reason to actually vacuum and pick up.  Besides, you never go upstairs.  (Please, don't ever go upstairs!!! :)

It might appease you to know, however, that apparently this household negligence runs in my family ...

After my grandmother (affectionately known as "Mema") passed away in 2009, I found a magnet on her refrigerator while Mom and I were cleaning out her house.  Those of you who were lucky enough to know my Mema wouldn't be surprised to learn that she had a magnet that said, "Dull women have clean houses."  I just had to have this magnet, and to this day, it makes me smile when I see it on my fridge (as I pass by the mounds of laundry yet to be done and the dishes piled up in the sink)!

So, October is indeed LOVELY in all meanings of the word, but it certainly distracts me from all things domestic.  If you don't believe me, maybe this will help.  This is what my house actually looks like ...

This is our guestroom.  First, please note our dog on our bed.  Some people might think this is just plain gross.  Well, sorry.  It is what it is, my friends.  (Besides, our dog Forest was accustomed to bed-lounging long before our Jack came along, and well ... you can't teach an old dog new tricks now, can you?)  Next, please note the lack of sheets on the bed (I washed them about a week ago and they're still not back on the bed.  Go figure.)  Also, note the pile of laundry sequestered on the unmade bed (that our four-legged son is convinced is his bed).  Now, note that rather than take time the other night to actually fold these clean clothes and make this bed, Robert and I decided our time could be put to better use by just playing with our dog in the pile of laundry ... which now needs to be washed and dried all over again because it's covered in Forest hair!
Don't let this sad sweet face fool you ... he was having just as much fun as we were!
Have a lovely weekend, friends!  Gotta run ... off to clean the master bathroom ... maybe!

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  1. I love that quote from your grandmother's magnet more than anything I've read lately!!!! :)