Friday, October 21, 2011


Life is made up of priceless moments.  Moments that that will be forever stamped in your mind and etched in your soul.  Moments that, despite our fruitless attempts at "still" life, can never be fully captured in photographs. 

Seeing Jack with his cousins are such moments.  In particular, seeing Jack with his cousin Wade, my sister Kelly's little boy, just melts my heart.  
Wade playing the piano with Jack.  He is so gentle and patient with him.

They played the most beautiful "duet" together!
 Something magical happens when these two precious boys are together.  It is almost as if there's a magnetic force between them. It's hard to describe, but every time we get our kids together, Kelly and I talk about it (or we quietly share grins across the room as we watch them play, because if we talk about it too much, we know we'll cry ... again).  I've often asked Kelly if she thinks that Wade senses something different or special about Jack, because there is always this unmistakably unique connection between them, like a gravitational pull.  If Jack is in a room, then Wade will sitting right there next to him, telling us how cute and sweet of a baby he is.  I've never seen such amazing compassion from a 4 year old.  It's incredible to witness. 

My heart smiles when I think about these kids growing up together, learning from one another, finding out how they're more alike than different

Just priceless ...

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  1. Great picture of both Wade and Jack. I can see exactly what you are talking about. Since I only had the pleasure of growing up with Stan I can tell you that Wade reminds me so much of Stan as a child. Stan was caring and kind to everyone. I think both you and Kelly are so very lucky you both have the most special children in the world.