Thursday, October 20, 2011

Talk is Cheap

Remember me telling you all that Jack could say "bubble"?!?!  Well, after about a month of saying in on command, he has decided not to say it anymore.  Our Speech Therapist tells us that this is normal, especially when kids start focusing more on motor skills, which Jack definitely is.  Don't get the wrong idea, though ... this kid is still a chatterbox!!!  He continues to try to imitate a lot of what we say and do, and can mimic about four or five different animal sounds.  His newest trick, however, is signing and saying "go, go, go" at the same time, which comes out adorably as "gu, gu, gu."

Just because Jack doesn't (choose to) say "bubble" anymore, though, certainly does not mean he still isn't a HUGE fan ...

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